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Powered by Vision, Driven by Commitment.


An Industry Leader.

Brink Forest Products Ltd. strives to be an innovative manufacturer of wood products and endeavours to be the industry leader in the areas of fibre utilization, product quality, occupational health and safety, education and training, environmental conservation and sustainable forest management.

Brink Forest Products will:

  • Maximize the productivity and production of the plant through the recovery of structural and value-added products and the minimization of wastage and residues;
  • Be responsive to its customers meeting their requirements for quality, delivery, packaging, and dependability;
  • Recognize the value of its employees ensuring a safe work environment, a positive quality of work life, the adherence to a firm code of ethics and behaviour, and the provision of opportunities for improvement and advancement through training and education;
  • Promote positive community relations through the support of educational, recreational and social activities and adherence to a firm code of ethical behaviour as a strong, reliable corporate citizen;
  • Practice sound management principles that will ensure the minimal impact of its activities and products on the soil, water and air quality of its environment, and the sustainable management of the forest affected by its operations;
  • Manage the business to provide economic growth, employment and sound financial returns for the shareholders.