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Product Information

Premium Quality Fingerjointed Lumber.
More value from every tree.

The skilled men and women at Brink Forest Products remanufacture imperfect lumber from other sawmills, creating new products that meet exacting quality and performance standards. The processes used at Brink Forest Products were pioneered here, and are specifically designed for species grown in this region.

Introducing Brink Finger-joined Products

What is fingerjointed lumber? Fingerjointed lumber products are manufactured by taking shorter pieces of quality kiln-dried lumber, machining a “finger” profile in each end of the short-length pieces, adding an appropriate structural adhesive, and squeezing the pieces together to make a longer piece of lumber. Although fingerjointing is used in several wood product manufacturing processes including the horizontal joints for glulam manufacture, the term fingerjointed lumber applies to dimension lumber (See source: Canadian Wood Council).